About Us

Trident Technology has over a decade of experience supporting and maintaining IT infrastructure.  Our goal is to provide the top technology solutions and support to our clients at an affordable price. We have been able to leverage our experience from working in large enterprise environments and provide the same technology and support to small and medium businesses to help level the playing field.

Trident Technology was born out of need during the pandemic that we all endured in 2020.  Seeing so many small businesses shutting down because they did not have the technology in-place to continue to operate during the shutdowns was frustrating to witness.  As the year progressed and we continued to expand our knowledge on the struggles small businesses were having we decided to jump into action.  We took our experience with enterprise grade solutions and processes and applied them to the SMB world.  This allowed our clients to work through the shutdowns securely from both the office and home.  They had full access to all their files, email and applications which allowed them to continue their day to day operations regardless of their physical location. Most importantly it allowed their businesses to survive. 

We truly believe that technology should be viewed as an asset and not a cost. Having the right technology solutions in place will keep your data safe and secure, increase employee productivity, minimize downtime and help your business continue to grow.